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People are looking for information online.
Why not make it easy to find?

Why .INFO?

Fast access to information. That’s the goal of Internet users all over the world. The .INFO domain is the logical choice for people creating informational websites and for people searching for information online.

More than five million people and organizations worldwide selected .INFO domains for their websites, making it one of the most popular generic Top-Level Domains on the Internet and, by far, the most popular of the New gTLDs launched since 2001.

Why you should use .INFO:

  • .INFO has been used and trusted since 2001
  • .INFO is a well-known, established TLD
  • .INFO is intuitive for “information” in languages around the world
  • .INFO has global appeal and has been registered in 99% of the world’s countries
  • .INFO is affordable and conveniently available at more than 400 registrars

Find the right .INFO name for you or contact a Registrar to get your .INFO domain now.