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Wilder Kaiser

The Website wilderkaiser.info represents a holiday family region in Tyrol, Austria. The User can find information about all interesting activities and events during the whole year. Some videos will show you certain information very comfortably. Of course you can find last-minute-packages and every accommodation in the villages Ellmau, Going, and Scheffau. More than 1000 hirers present their rooms and apartments on wilderkaiser.info. Furthermore you can listen to the 1st touristic webradio in Austria: wilderkaiser.info/de/radio.asp. In our shop you can order some hiking-maps, Wilder-Kaiser-cups, DVD-Tourplanners, teas etc. You can plan your tours comfortably online too: hiking, jogging, mountain biking, cross-country, tobogganing, hiking in winter. Watch the tour in a 3d-overflight, see the tour-profiles and requirements, download GPS-tracks of the tour, etc.


Why did you choose a .INFO domain?

We chose a .INFO site a few years ago because our mission in the www is to inform guests and prospective guests about all the interesting INFO during their holidays.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013