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Patient is the web’s leading independent health platform, established for 20 years. With more than 18 million visits a month, it is a trusted source of information for both patients and health professionals across the globe. The site contains over 4000 health information leaflets and thousands of discussion forums. It is accredited by The Information Standard, NHS England’s quality mark and was listed as ‘The top health website you can’t live without’ by The Times newspaper (Jan 2013).

Patient provides a wealth of health and medical information in a variety of ways, including:

900+ information health condition leaflets and 750 medicines leaflets, written to meet The Information Standard, NHS England's quality mark, which are aimed to be fully accessible to all non-medical, English-speaking people

2000+ reference articles about diseases and conditions and links to almost 1900 approved medical guidelines which are intended to aid clinicians and other health professionals

1800+ support directory, which list accurate and up-to-date details of UK-based self-help groups, charities and patient support organisations

Almost 900 directory pages providing links to a variety of health information sources from external websites

A lively discussion forum where patients can speak to other patients



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Tuesday, December 5, 2017