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iRights.info is a project aimed at mitigating consumers information deficit concerning issues of copyright in the digital world. Five part time editors, all specialised in copyright issues in their respective professions (law, art, information science, journalism) compile a wide range of articles illuminating the implications of every day uses of copyrighted works: under what circumstances it is legal to copy CDs, post pictures in weblogs, use samples of other songs in one's own music, and so on.
The site has been online since March 2005 and won the Grimme-Online-Award 2006, Germany's most prestigious prize awarded to outstanding examples of online journalism, the ".INFO Awards" and the "klicksafe Award for Safety on the Internet".
Why they chose a .INFO site:
Because in combination with the iRights part of it the URL communicates perfectly the aim of our site: to inform about Internet rights issues.
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Thursday, August 15, 2013