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The European Athletics manifesto - the written declaration of the intentions, motives and views of our organisation - is entitled "Your Sport for Life".
The manifesto is for those closely associated with European Athletics, the Congress (Member Federation leaders), the Council, the Executive Board, the Commissions and the Head Office. It is useful, though, for all external stakeholders of our sport. The purpose of our manifesto is to provide the foundation for a shared understanding of, on the one hand, who we are and what we believe in, what we are doing and what we are aiming to achieve, and on the other hand, how we communicate. In other words, it functions as a constant reminder about speaking “with one voice” and acts as a base and guide for all that we do.
When we speak about values we need to be aware that there are values inherent in the sport of athletics and the values that drive our organisations (European Athletics, the Member Federations and clubs).
The Values of Athletics
* Competition
* Excellence
* Fair Play and Sportsmanship
* Discipline
* Personal Development
* Physical Fitness
* Healthy Lifestyle
* Equality
* Inclusiveness
This set of values helps to defines what is good and special about our sport.  It is recognised that other sports share many of the same values but the design and the delivery of athletics emphasises these and demonstrates that for us these are more than words -- they are central to what we do.
"To grow our sport by leading, inspiring and enabling every European to enjoy a loyal relationship with athletics and receive its benefits for life”
This simple statement is meant to give our stakeholders and the public a clear sense of what drives European Athletics and what it and its Member Federations are working towards. The mission is at the heart of the strategy but it is not in itself the strategy or the plan for implementing the strategy. The test of any decision or activity should be "Is what we are doing in line with this mission? Is it contributing to achieving the mission?"
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Thursday, September 27, 2018