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Rising Dressage Star, Heather Blitz, Chooses a .INFO address for her Web Presence

Dressage, a French term for the word “training”, is an internationally competitive horseback riding sport, often likened to performing ballet with a horse. In 2010, Heather Blitz burst onto the stage in the Equestrian sport of Dressage as a serious professional competitor and contender to move up into the rankings internationally. Outside of the dressage area though, Heather maintains her online presence to grow her client and fan base with a .INFO Web address – heatherblitz.info.


Heather and her 8 year old 18h Danish Warmblood gelding Paragon debuted in their first CDI (Concours de Dressage International), or international caliber dressage competition, at Dressage at Devon in September of 2010. Competing against seasoned professional veterans and much older horses, Heather and Paragon won their Prix St. Georges and Intermediare 1 classes with 72.4 percent and 70.4 percent scores, respectively. These wins not only recognize Heather and Paragon’s amazing talent, but set the stage for a competitive season in Florida this spring and future international competition.

In today’s social media marketing world, communicating with potential clients and fans is a must online, even for equestrian riders and trainers. Heather wanted a unique, practical Web address that her fans would remember. During an interview, Heather said, “Heather Blitz.info is my website for clients and fans to learn about my horse training business and competition career. I chose .INFO because it was easy to remember, convenient, and professional.”

Heather’s site also provides her fans with information on her clinic schedule, events, competitions, and keeps them up-to-date with current news, blog posts, photos, and video.

Heather added that, “I had some choices on what I wanted to go with and I thought .info made a whole lot of sense if you want information. It tends to stick in people’s heads – it’s unique and they remember it.”

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011