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Inside Interview: An Exclusive Look at a $76,000 .INFO Acquisition

Just under a year ago, Swedish entrepreneur Jonas Bonde acquired the $76,000 domain name Car.info in one of the largest .INFO domain name sales of all time. As the name suggests, Jonas and his team are building a data website for cars. It looks to be a big project, but Jonas is no stranger to online business.

During the early days of the Internet in the year 2000, Jonas created Prisjakt, a Swedish price comparison website that built further presences in countries such as Ireland, New Zealand, and the UK under the name PriceSpy. The company was bought out in 2006, but Jonas stayed on as CEO until 2013 when he left to develop his car brand, initially called Wroom.

In this interview, Jonas gives us some information on why he spent $76,000 to buy the domain name car.info, and what has happened since he bought it.

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Posted on Date:
Friday, February 12, 2016