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Auction for .INFO Domains at Go Daddy through December 14, 2012

Back in 2001, Afilias began the roll-out of the .INFO domain with a special Sunrise Period, during which trademark holders were allowed to register their trademarks and service marks.

Since then, auditing processes uncovered that some of the names claimed during the Sunrise Period were ineligible under Sunrise rules. Afilias then gave the original applicants ample time to show that they met the requirements and ample time to exhaust the available appeals processes. Although that took bit longer than anyone anticipated, Afilias is now actively moving to release these names back into the market. One way we're doing that is with a special .INFO auction with Go Daddy, running now through December 14, 2012.

While there are a total of 106 names in this auction, the ones that seem to be drawing the most interest at this moment are property.info, city.info, finance.info, bank.info and forsale.info, followed closely by the health-related cancer.info, healthcare.info, diet.info and doctor.info. Like all auctions, though, some bidders hold back until the last second. That means we won't know which winners will be the real "superstars" until the auction ends. But given that these are domains that were originally claimed in the first days of .INFO availability and haven't been available for more than a decade, I suspect there will be quite a few surprises when this auction closes.

You can learn more about the auction at Go Daddy.

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Monday, December 10, 2012