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Financial Domains have an impact on .INFO in Q1 2009

Now that tax season has passed, you are either celebrating or crying about your tax return! While you have been poring over IRS documents, elsewhere on the Web people have been registering .INFO domains. Over 500 new tax related domains have been registered in the .INFO domain just since March 1, 2009 and nearly 1300 since the beginning of 2009. They join the more than 8000 other ‘tax’ related .INFO domains that exist in the .INFO registry today.

In addition, talk of the financial bailout in the US has been popular with .INFO registrations, with hundreds of new names being registered. Registrations with the words “Stimulus” and “Bailout” spiked in February 2009 just after the new U.S. presidential inauguration.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009