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Customer and Technical Support

We offer 24 hour technical support for our customers.

Toll Free: +1 866.368.4636
Tel: +1.416.646.3306
Fax: +1.416.646.1541
Email: support@afilias.info

If you have a question about the status or use of your domain name registration, please contact your registrar directly.

All reports of abuse should be sent to: Ashish Luthra
c/o Afilias Limited Level 2, Plaza 3, Custom House Plaza, Harbourmaster Place,  Dublin D01 VY76 Ireland
Phone: 1 416 646 3304
Alternate: 215-706-5700
Fax: 1 416 646 1541
Email: abuse@afilias.info.

If you are a registrar, you may contact:

Registrar Support:
Tel: +1.416.646.3306
Fax: +1. 416.646.3305
Customer Communication Portal

For Registrar Accreditation questions please review our Become a Registrar page or contact Sales Administration.
Phone: +1.215.706.5700
Email: SalesAdmin@afilias.info

Regulatory Outreach:

Phone: +1.215.706.5700
Email: legal@afilias.info